About Carrick Bend

“Carrick Bend’s mission is to offer risk free wireless by providing world-class products, design assistance and professional services.”

Wireless technologies are transforming the way networks are being built today. Municipalities, critical infrastructure, schools, utilities and commercial businesses are among the organizations becoming safer and more efficient by expanding their networks beyond traditional limitations.

While the need to deploy high-bandwidth, secure, flexible networks across large areas is mission critical, doing so is still a risky proposition for many. Carrick Bend’s mission is to offer risk free wireless by providing world-class products, design assistance and professional services.

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About Our Companies

Avrio RMS Group

Avrio RMS Group is a national leader in IP-surveillance solutions for the public safety market. The company designs, engineers and deploys turnkey wireless security solutions for municipalities and organizations with wide area surveillance needs. A pioneer in the space, Avrio RMS Group created the nation's first pole mounted wireless surveillance camera systems known as PODSS (Portable Over Digital Surveillance Systems) and developed the nation's most sophisticated wireless IP video network covering over 200 square miles. Avrio RMS Group deployments protect several US cities, the Northern and Southern US Borders and have secured VIP events such as the Presidential Inauguration, Democratic National Convention, Republican National Convention, G20 Summit and the Superbowl. Avrio RMS Group is privately held and its customers include government and private organizations around the globe. » Learn More

Fluidmesh Networks

Fluidmesh Networks is a worldwide leader in wireless systems for security, industrial, and mission-critical applications. Its range of solutions covers point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and mesh networks with an unparalleled level of reliability. Founded by a team of MIT engineers, Fluidmesh serves its customers in over 30 countries from its headquarters in Boston, and its European office based in Italy. Fluidmesh, a Carrick Bend Company, offers risk free wireless by providing world-class products together with professional services. » Learn More


Pantascene is a Carrick Bend company focused on the development of customized software solutions that allow municipalities, police departments, port authorities, airports, departments of transportation, utilities, industrial plants and other critical infrastructure to manage all their security-related technologies in an integrated fashion providing complete situational awareness and maximum efficiency in identifying and responding to any crisis. » Learn More